Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hugo Morales

I love this two pictures of Hugo! He is always trying to go further and further...In the first one, after several tries he finished this looooong frooooooontside noseslide in this massive kerb; the second one, was the first jump in this hired big kicker, after a whole week snowing in "La Sierra" de Madrid!! -March, 2005-

Antonio Gonzalez, Tito

I have to consider specially this picture because It was my first publication. Anyway I like very much the huge stylish Frontside Rock n´Roll he made after the "Surfito" Competition was over.

Jacob, flying.........

Very nice simple trick! Ollie up to the road after comming down from this kerb very, very fast. Niiiiiiiceeee!!!!!

El Chino, The Chinese

Always crazy...

Jandro, The Easy Rider

I introduce you Jandro! This is the spirit of the truthful skate. Forget everything you have known before, this is something else, this is Jandro: The Wild Angel, The Easy Rider, The Devil on Wheels...Yeah!!!! Arriba el Bocata Calamata y los Mejillones en Escabeche con Papas Fritas "La Montaña"!!!! Arriba la Litrona de Miau con un currusco de pan!!!!

The Ball of the World or La Bola del Mundo

When this two guys arrived at this point, they where exhausted. However, they had just an idea in their minds: build a kicker!!! They did it. They jump. And afterwards, they went back home...